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They’re Here!

So it really hasn’t been long at all, but I feel like saying, “Our photos are finally done!” Today, I got the best email ever from our photographer, the lovely & talented Maureen of Sullivan Studios. It informed me that our online gallery of images is up & running. It contains 417 images, and good lord, are they ever amazing! Of course, my favorites are of my goddaughter, but there are some great ones of me & the Mr.

I promise to start the recaps as soon as I get the DVD of high resolution images next week.


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The top layer of our beautiful and delicious wedding cake is safely ensconced in several layers of Saran Wrap and nestled in a plastic container we got from the Container Store which happens to be the perfect size. It sits on the top shelf of our freezer.
The problem is that every time I open the freezer, it’s sitting there, staring at me. It’s calling to me, whispering, “Eat me!” a la Alice in Wonderland.

I don’t know if I can make it to our 1 year anniversary. Or more accurately, I don’t know if our cake will make it that long.

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