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Casper Goes to Hawaii?

Jakob works for a major airline that recognizes your “registered domestic partner” (or RDP) and extends flight benefits to this person. In our case, I get to fly (nearly) for free. If we were a same sex couple, not only would I get flight benefits, I’d also be eligible for his health benefits.
Another major perk is the occasional deals employees get offered. Take this for a great example. . . yesterday, Jakob came home with an memo offering all employees of said airline access to the company’s vacation packages at a wholesale rate. If we choose to take advantage of it, we will save over $3500 on the package. Wanna hear the details? It’s six days, five nights in Cancun, Mexico. We would have a year to use our package. Included in package is: all meals & drinks included 24 hours a day, free oceanfront resort upgrade, and unlimited non-motor watersports. Did I mention it would only cost us $148 per person (and if we were bringing kids, they’d stay & eat for FREE) ???
Yeah, it’s a great deal, and would totally solve our dilemma of where to go on our honeymoon (and more importantly, how to afford it). Jakob’s grandmother had a condo in Cancun, so his family has been down there several times. I’ve never been out of the country – even to Mexico.
So what do you think? Should we spend our honeymoon sipping margaritas and trying to get some color to my “friendly ghost” legs? Or should we wait til we can afford a really kick-a$$ honeymoon to somewhere like Fiji or Thailand? Or should we do both since the Cancun trip is so freaking cheap?


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