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DIY Invitations

We finally settled on an invitation suite. I told you about the ones I loved but couldn’t justify the price. I thought about designing them from scratch, actually was pretty set on that. But in the end, we decided to buy invitation kits from Michaels. Yeah, that’s right. . . the arts & crafts place. They’re not really what I had in mind from the start, but I like them – a lot. They’re simple & elegant and, let’s face it – at the end of their journey from box to printer to envelope to guest, they’ll probably be tossed in the trash. (Shh, don’t tell them that!)
“So what do they look like?”

I didn’t bother blurring out names or any other information since this is just a photo of the example invite that comes with the kit.
Of course, they come completely disassembled. I’ll post step-by-step instructions as we assemble them along with tips on how you can customize or create a similar design from scratch.


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It’s been a few days since my last post (I think). Sorry for the delay, but in my defense, I’ve been feeling like, well…a co-worker of mine described it as “my head feels like a water balloon” – like there’s stuff sloshing around in there. I hate being sick – I know no one likes being sick, but I REALLY hate it. Unfortunately, my job really doesn’t allow me the luxury of curling up in my bed and just sleeping it off so I’ve been going to work, coming home again, taking care of my zoo, and passing out. Rinse and repeat.

Today, while at the Cherry Creek Mall on a job-related errand, FI and I passed by Papyrus. We decided to stop by just to comparison shop. Naturally, I fell in love with an invitation suite that is completely out of our price range. Meet my new love, Bijou:


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