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So this was the plan: the morning of the wedding, all of the bridesmaids would get ready at the condo with me.  Since we had a 1pm ceremony start time, everyone was to meet at 10am.  

At 10am, Thomas arrived to do my hair & makeup.  

0025EberhardtHe looks so serious.  It’s hard work getting a girl ready to go down the aisle.  Of course, all I had to do was sit still, open my eyes when he said open, close when he said close, move my head this way & that way at his direction.  



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At Last

We have our first signed contract! Jakob & I made a trip to Estes Park last week. We signed our contract for our fabulous venue, Marys Lake Lodge, and put down a deposit. I feel unbelievably relieved. If nothing else is accomplished, we have a place to get married!

This is the site of our outdoor ceremony:

Naturally, there will be chairs and an aisle and all that jazz. Hopefully there will even be a bit of snow!


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Okay, so I promised to reveal the venue where we decided to have our wedding, and here it is.

This is the view from one of the balconies at Marys Lake Lodge, the place where we have decided to have our beautiful mountain wedding! It meets all of the requirements I talked. It’s in Estes Park with views of the mountains (see? Mountains!) and nearby lodging, and catering is onsite. I cannot tell you how relived I am that we’ve finally made a decision and we’re dealing with someone who acts like they want our business.
At this point in the planning process, I felt like we should have been sure about where our ceremony & reception would be held. And I almost gave myself an ulcer worrying about it not having one.

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