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There are so many great traditions and design elements from growing up in Louisiana that I’d love to incorporate into our wedding plans. Since most of our guests are coming to Colorado from there, I’d also like to give them a taste of Colorado. In many ways, my overall vision for our wedding is very much like Jakob and myself. It combines our love for the beauty of the mountains with our strong ties to our roots in Louisiana.
One New Orleans tradition I definitely plan to keep alive is that of the wedding cake pulls.
The fleur de lis is very popular in Louisiana, especially New Orleans. If it’s not the official symbol of NOLA, it may as well be. The beauty and elegance the fleur de lis has always appealed to me, and I’d like to incorporate it somehow.

I heart these fleur de lis toasting flutes from Mignon Faget!

For both ethical and financial reasons, we’re incorporating local floral and culinary elements. I love azaleas, but they don’t grow in Colorado and are not in bloom even in Louisiana at the end of April. Instead, I’m working with our florist to incorporate flowers that are readily available locally. And although I’m sure by the time our wedding rolls around, Jakob and I will both be jones’ing for some boiled crawfish, instead our caterer will be serving fare that is more typically Colorado. It will be a treat to our guests and minimize the overall carbon footprint of the celebration.


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There’s a tradition in New Orleans weddings that make our cakes look a little odd. Silver charms, attached to a piece of ribbon, are placed under the bottom layer of the cake so the end of the ribbon is visible. It’s a tradition that seems to be unique to New Orleans, brought over from France and adopted by the Creoles.
Here’s a beautiful set of cake pulls from Mignon Faget.

Before the cake is cut by the bride & groom, the bride chooses a number of single ladies, and each chooses a piece of ribbon which they pull out from beneath the cake. Each charm has a meaning. Here are the meanings of some typical wedding cake pulls:
WEDDING RING…..Next To Marry
HEART…..Love Will Come
FLEUR-DE-LIS…..Love Will Flower
CLOVER…..Good Luck
WISHBONE…..Good Luck
HORSE SHOE…..Good Luck
BUTTON…..Old Maid
THIMBLE…..Old Maid

What local traditions will you incorporate into your wedding celebration?

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