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The day after the three year anniversary of hurricane Katrina, this is what I’m staring at. . .

Yep, that’s right. . . it’s the projected path of Hurricane Gustav. Looking at it makes it feel like gremlins are tying knots in my stomach, but I can’t make myself stop.
And right between the line labeled “Mon AM” and the one labeled “Mon PM” are all the people Jakob and I love (other than each other, of course). Hopefully, at this hour they are far away from Mon AM & Mon PM, or at least on their way to being there. My niece, her husband & my godchild are on their way to Alabama. Jakob’s sister, mother and nephew should be leaving for Memphis in an hour. Some are staying, many are leaving. Here’s to hoping for the best while preparing for the worst – the unofficial motto of Louisiana between the months of June & November.
It goes without saying this isn’t typical of my entries, but in case you were wondering how this relates to my wedding. Simple. Our entire wedding party lives in southeast Louisiana. Almost our entire guest list lives there. But at the end of the day, it’s not about the wedding or how another hurricane could possibly impact it. It’s about the people in New Orleans.
The city hasn’t fully recovered from Katrina – the last thing it needs is another major storm to undo the work that it’s taken three years to get done.


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There’s a tradition in New Orleans weddings that make our cakes look a little odd. Silver charms, attached to a piece of ribbon, are placed under the bottom layer of the cake so the end of the ribbon is visible. It’s a tradition that seems to be unique to New Orleans, brought over from France and adopted by the Creoles.
Here’s a beautiful set of cake pulls from Mignon Faget.

Before the cake is cut by the bride & groom, the bride chooses a number of single ladies, and each chooses a piece of ribbon which they pull out from beneath the cake. Each charm has a meaning. Here are the meanings of some typical wedding cake pulls:
WEDDING RING…..Next To Marry
HEART…..Love Will Come
FLEUR-DE-LIS…..Love Will Flower
CLOVER…..Good Luck
WISHBONE…..Good Luck
HORSE SHOE…..Good Luck
BUTTON…..Old Maid
THIMBLE…..Old Maid

What local traditions will you incorporate into your wedding celebration?

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