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No – not really porn, you perv…  sorry to burst your bubble!

I finally got around to converting the massively large, high resolution images from our engagement photo shoot into manageable web-friendly sizes.  I’m not going to lie – I didn’t figure out how to do this myself – our photographer, Maureen, told me how to do it.  She even explained how “actions” and “automating” makes it super fast & easy in Photoshop.  Maybe one day I’ll write a tutorial on how to do it – if you’re curious, comment below.  If I get a few comments, I’ll be more likely to get around to it. 

And now, the main event – a few of my favorites among the 145 images we received from our engagement shoot:


Don’t laugh – this is a serious moment . . . (or as Ming-Ming would say, “This is sewious”)



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Shoe Sale!!

Today, I went on a frantic search for shoes. I’ve been looking for shoes for the wedding for months now. I’ve looked at so many shoes, I’ve grown tired of looking at shoes. Never thought that could happen… I love shoes … love looking at them, trying them on, talking about them…
So the reason I was frantically looking today is this – I just wanted it to be over! I had a few requirements: (1) heel height no less than 4″ because my dress can’t be hemmed easily, (2) d’orsay or peep toe style (3) ivory, silver or purple in color.
Today, I visited DSW with no luck – I only found strappy sandals in the right color & height. I was on my way to the Cherry Creek shopping center when I realized I didn’t want to deal with the “rich” mall. Instead I went to Town Center at Aurora. I really don’t love that mall, but they have a Macy’s and I felt like making a trip to Macy’s. That ended up being a bust so I decided to wander around. Dillards was having a big sale – 40% off already reduced prices. I really didn’t expect to find anything, so imagine my surprise when I saw these:


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