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Real STDs

A few weeks ago, I talked about Save the Date magnets. Since some of our guests are aware of my blog, I didn’t reveal what ours specifically looked like. Now that they’ve been delivered, I can share with you without spoiling the surprise. This is a copy of the proof we received via email. Initially, we didn’t order a proof (yes, it was risky, but we proofread and proofread and proofread again before submitting our order). Because of the size of the artwork, they had to rearrange the line breaks, and sent us a proof -free of charge- before printing them. So, without further ado, our STD:


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STD Fever

We have STDs! (Save the Dates, that is.) The ever-so-wonderful FedEx man delivered them early yesterday morning while I was at my management meeting. Jakob was just opening them when I got home. Normally, I would be putting a photo of what they look like right here:

But since today I sent out a mass email letting friends & family know about the existence of this blog, I will not be posting pictures of them. I want everyone to see them for the first time when they open the envelope. Instead, I will tell you we ordered them from Favors You Keep and show you some other designs we considered before deciding on the one I’m so happy about.


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