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You may be wondering what the boys have to do to get ready for the wedding.  I mean, how difficult can it be to throw on a tux & run a brush through your hair?  Well, in our case, there was a little more involved.  First, the groom had to teach MOH Athena how to iron.  See, she led a sheltered life as the youngest of three kids & the only girl.  So Jakob showed her the intricacies of ironing.  

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I’m totally tuxedo-challenged. We went to men’s wearhouse, and it wasn’t that hard once we figured out a few things. We didn’t want tails – it’s a daytime wedding – so then the biggest thing was to choose between one-button, two-button, and three-button. The main difference is how much of the vest will be showing (if you’re going with vests). We ended up going with the two button style (I think) and then just picked what kind of lapel we wanted. They’ll have pictures of the two types (notch or shawl) Notch lapels look more like suits – that’s the one we chose.


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