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Second Guessing

“I’ll take that one. . . . no, no wait – that one. Maybe this one is better. What do you think?”

Lately, I’ve been second guessing every decision I’ve made in my wedding planning process. I told you about my wedding dress and how much I love, love, love it. For the past two weeks, I’ve been rethinking everything from the length of my wedding dress to the color palette. I’ve been driving myself crazy over whether the color & style of the bridesmaids dresses will look good on all three of them. I worried about the invitations, worrying about the seating charts, even wondering if we should have looked at more venues before deciding on one.

What about you? Are you as indecisive as I am?


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Okay, so I promised to reveal the venue where we decided to have our wedding, and here it is.

This is the view from one of the balconies at Marys Lake Lodge, the place where we have decided to have our beautiful mountain wedding! It meets all of the requirements I talked. It’s in Estes Park with views of the mountains (see? Mountains!) and nearby lodging, and catering is onsite. I cannot tell you how relived I am that we’ve finally made a decision and we’re dealing with someone who acts like they want our business.
At this point in the planning process, I felt like we should have been sure about where our ceremony & reception would be held. And I almost gave myself an ulcer worrying about it not having one.

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The Venue Pageant

In our search for a venue, Jakob & I found some really unique places that were incredible in their own right – just not the right fit for our wedding. I thought I’d share some of them with you before revealing The One.
These are our requirements:
1. Located in or near Estes Park, Colorado
2. Views of the mountains
3. Nearby lodging for our out of town guests
4. On-site catering

Our third runner up was Lionscrest Manor in Lyons, Colorado. Lioncrest boasts unobstructed views of Steamboat Mountain, Hatrock, Mount Meeker and Longs Peak, so it definitely met our mountain view requirement. It’s only 20 miles from Estes Park, but catering is done by an outside company of your choosing although they urge you to use an approved vendor from their list. However, the largest drawback to this venue is its distance to accommodations for our guests. In the end, we knew it would be selfish to ask our families to fly from New Orleans to Denver, rent a car and drive an hour and a half to Estes Park to their lodging, then turn around a drive 30 minutes back down to Lyons for our ceremony. It’s really too bad – this staircase totally made me swoon!


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