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Yesterday, my fiance called me with an idea for his wedding band. He has a lot of jewelry left to him by his uncle, who he was named after. Most of this jewelry is in the form of cuff links. He has never used them, and recognized that he probably never really will. I suggested to him a while back that he choose a pair to wear for our wedding, but he came up with a way to incorporate them into his day to day life.
His idea was to have the cufflinks reincarnated – melted down and cast into his wedding band. Since I’m a bit sentimental (okay, I’m a lot sentimental when it comes to family history), I loved this idea. Although Jakob barely remembers his uncle Jakey, from what his mother tells me, the two of them spent a lot of time together when Jakob was small. I’ve been trying to figure out a creative way to honor his memory, and I think this is the perfect way to do just that.
What about you? Is there a loved one who is unable to be at your wedding who you will honor in some special way?


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