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There’s a tradition in New Orleans weddings that make our cakes look a little odd. Silver charms, attached to a piece of ribbon, are placed under the bottom layer of the cake so the end of the ribbon is visible. It’s a tradition that seems to be unique to New Orleans, brought over from France and adopted by the Creoles.
Here’s a beautiful set of cake pulls from Mignon Faget.

Before the cake is cut by the bride & groom, the bride chooses a number of single ladies, and each chooses a piece of ribbon which they pull out from beneath the cake. Each charm has a meaning. Here are the meanings of some typical wedding cake pulls:
WEDDING RING…..Next To Marry
HEART…..Love Will Come
FLEUR-DE-LIS…..Love Will Flower
CLOVER…..Good Luck
WISHBONE…..Good Luck
HORSE SHOE…..Good Luck
BUTTON…..Old Maid
THIMBLE…..Old Maid

What local traditions will you incorporate into your wedding celebration?

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