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Technically, I don’t have any photos of the youngest members of our wedding party actually getting ready. Flowerbaby Dakota was dressed by her Daddy and met up with us at Jakob’s dad’s condo, which was at Marys Lake Lodge. Ringbearer Michael was back at our condo – he refused to let anyone other than his mother get him ready, and she’d been elsewhere earlier.
Michael spent a large part of his morning avoiding Maureen, our photographer.

In case you were wondering… yes, I always look at my goddaughter in such an adoring way. Perhaps because she’s not old enough to sass me.
Dakota with her doting Daddy grabbing a quick snack before her long trek down the aisle.


A little pep talk with Michael (behind door) and Dakota before they head down the aisle…
And he’s off… wait, that’s not the aisle!
She’s a little closer, but still doing her own thing. (And I love that it looks like she’s thinking, “Man, that grilled cheese sandwich sure hit the spot!”)


If there’s one thing I’ve learned from this moment, it is this: If you want to have children in your wedding, you have to accept that their plans may not be the same as yours.
In this photo, our DOC, Laurie Bien has asked me to make a decision – either let them go and do whatever they’re going to do, or scrap the idea of having a ringbearer & flowergirl. I chose the first option, told each of them, “Go find mommy” and let them make their own path to the front of the room. It is a decision I have never regretted one iota. I’ll never forget that our flower girl made her way through the crowd or that our ring bearer got stagefright despite having one wedding (MOH Athena’s) under his belt.

Getting Ready: The Ladies
Getting Ready: The Guys


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All photos by the lovely & talented Maureen Sullivan of Sullivan Studios (Boulder, Colorado).


See more when I start the recaps later this week!

**Edit: This very photo was the featured photo on the Weddingbee gallery for Monday, June 8, 2009!  How exciting!

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They’re Here!

So it really hasn’t been long at all, but I feel like saying, “Our photos are finally done!” Today, I got the best email ever from our photographer, the lovely & talented Maureen of Sullivan Studios. It informed me that our online gallery of images is up & running. It contains 417 images, and good lord, are they ever amazing! Of course, my favorites are of my goddaughter, but there are some great ones of me & the Mr.

I promise to start the recaps as soon as I get the DVD of high resolution images next week.

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DIY Invitations

We finally settled on an invitation suite. I told you about the ones I loved but couldn’t justify the price. I thought about designing them from scratch, actually was pretty set on that. But in the end, we decided to buy invitation kits from Michaels. Yeah, that’s right. . . the arts & crafts place. They’re not really what I had in mind from the start, but I like them – a lot. They’re simple & elegant and, let’s face it – at the end of their journey from box to printer to envelope to guest, they’ll probably be tossed in the trash. (Shh, don’t tell them that!)
“So what do they look like?”

I didn’t bother blurring out names or any other information since this is just a photo of the example invite that comes with the kit.
Of course, they come completely disassembled. I’ll post step-by-step instructions as we assemble them along with tips on how you can customize or create a similar design from scratch.

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E Photos

Yesterday, Jakob and I had our engagement photo shoot with Maureen Sullivan of Sullivan Photography. We met in Lyons, and at out first location, an autumn storm moved in, raining us out. We were able to get a few shots in before driving to our second location. Luckily, the weather in Colorado is ever changing – rainstorms blow in quickly, and just as quickly out. Our second location was St Catherine’s church near Estes Park. It’s this great old stone church with Mt. Meeker in the background. For photos of the church, click here. I’m glad we decided to keep going, since at our third and final location (for the day) we got some great shots with the most incredible rainbow in the background.

Maureen is incredible – she’s so full of life and so much fun to be around. She made our engagement shoot a lot of fun, and had some great locations chosen. She even offered to finish the shoot next week since the weather wasn’t cooperating for much of it. Naturally, I took her up on her offer, so we have another meeting with her this Wednesday at 8 am. Since we have appointments at 11am and 1pm in Estes, we’re meeting Maureen at St. Catherine’s and will make a day of it. As soon as we have the photos back, I’ll share them with you!

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The Opposites Game

We’ve finally decided on a baker. In my last post, I told you a little about Colorado Rose Cake Company, our vendor of choice. I love that their cakes are four layers of cake with three layers of filling. That definitely makes their cakes stand out among the competition. The best part is we didn’t have to make all the decisions about what we wanted for our wedding cake that day. it’s a good thing, because I don’t think I could have! Going into our meeting, I planned on an ivory cake (to match my dress) with lavender ribbon (to match my bridesmaids’ dresses). I pictured something like this (without the weird heart topper):

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A couple of months ago, my MOH and I went dress shopping for bridesmaids dresses. Because of my great experience at Pearls Place when I went shopping for my wedding dress, we went there and let Lisa work her magic. She already knew what my dress looked like, so we just asked her to pick out some dresses that were complimentary. We narrowed our choices down to two. 


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