Shoe Sale!!

Today, I went on a frantic search for shoes. I’ve been looking for shoes for the wedding for months now. I’ve looked at so many shoes, I’ve grown tired of looking at shoes. Never thought that could happen… I love shoes … love looking at them, trying them on, talking about them…
So the reason I was frantically looking today is this – I just wanted it to be over! I had a few requirements: (1) heel height no less than 4″ because my dress can’t be hemmed easily, (2) d’orsay or peep toe style (3) ivory, silver or purple in color.
Today, I visited DSW with no luck – I only found strappy sandals in the right color & height. I was on my way to the Cherry Creek shopping center when I realized I didn’t want to deal with the “rich” mall. Instead I went to Town Center at Aurora. I really don’t love that mall, but they have a Macy’s and I felt like making a trip to Macy’s. That ended up being a bust so I decided to wander around. Dillards was having a big sale – 40% off already reduced prices. I really didn’t expect to find anything, so imagine my surprise when I saw these:

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Veil Distress

After falling in love with Sara Gabriel’s birdcage veils, but not her prices, I decided to go the DIY route. I found a place in Denver called Allyn’s that sells French veil and purchased a yard. My first attempt fell flat. At first I wanted the veil to come to just below my nose, but after deciding on the angled design instead, I didn’t have enough material to make it work.
Back to Allyn’s I went. This time I got a yard & a half just to be safe. I stopped by a wig shop and got a styrofoam mannequin head. I had a plan – a great plan! I’d just use the mannequin, material & some bent quilting pins to try out placement before sewing it all together. I pinned my design but decided to wait a few days before sewing anything – just to make sure I was happy with the total effect.

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Dressing Up the Boys

I’m totally tuxedo-challenged. We went to men’s wearhouse, and it wasn’t that hard once we figured out a few things. We didn’t want tails – it’s a daytime wedding – so then the biggest thing was to choose between one-button, two-button, and three-button. The main difference is how much of the vest will be showing (if you’re going with vests). We ended up going with the two button style (I think) and then just picked what kind of lapel we wanted. They’ll have pictures of the two types (notch or shawl) Notch lapels look more like suits – that’s the one we chose.

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Casper Goes to Hawaii?

Jakob works for a major airline that recognizes your “registered domestic partner” (or RDP) and extends flight benefits to this person. In our case, I get to fly (nearly) for free. If we were a same sex couple, not only would I get flight benefits, I’d also be eligible for his health benefits.
Another major perk is the occasional deals employees get offered. Take this for a great example. . . yesterday, Jakob came home with an memo offering all employees of said airline access to the company’s vacation packages at a wholesale rate. If we choose to take advantage of it, we will save over $3500 on the package. Wanna hear the details? It’s six days, five nights in Cancun, Mexico. We would have a year to use our package. Included in package is: all meals & drinks included 24 hours a day, free oceanfront resort upgrade, and unlimited non-motor watersports. Did I mention it would only cost us $148 per person (and if we were bringing kids, they’d stay & eat for FREE) ???
Yeah, it’s a great deal, and would totally solve our dilemma of where to go on our honeymoon (and more importantly, how to afford it). Jakob’s grandmother had a condo in Cancun, so his family has been down there several times. I’ve never been out of the country – even to Mexico.
So what do you think? Should we spend our honeymoon sipping margaritas and trying to get some color to my “friendly ghost” legs? Or should we wait til we can afford a really kick-a$$ honeymoon to somewhere like Fiji or Thailand? Or should we do both since the Cancun trip is so freaking cheap?

DIY Invitations

We finally settled on an invitation suite. I told you about the ones I loved but couldn’t justify the price. I thought about designing them from scratch, actually was pretty set on that. But in the end, we decided to buy invitation kits from Michaels. Yeah, that’s right. . . the arts & crafts place. They’re not really what I had in mind from the start, but I like them – a lot. They’re simple & elegant and, let’s face it – at the end of their journey from box to printer to envelope to guest, they’ll probably be tossed in the trash. (Shh, don’t tell them that!)
“So what do they look like?”

I didn’t bother blurring out names or any other information since this is just a photo of the example invite that comes with the kit.
Of course, they come completely disassembled. I’ll post step-by-step instructions as we assemble them along with tips on how you can customize or create a similar design from scratch.

To Bee or Not to Bee

I said I was going to take the weekend to decide whether or not I will apply to be a Bee on Weddingbee again, but I’ve made up my mind. I will not apply again. The more I think about it, the more I realize my beliefs and my friendships are more important than my wish to become a bee. I was going to call and ask my Carey (yeah, I call him “my Carey” – it’s a long story) how he felt about it, since he’s probably the most outspoken of my friends on the issue of legalizing gay marriage. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized I couldn’t put him in that position. “Hey, there’s this thing that I really really want to do, but it will make money for a company that isn’t very gay friendly – is it okay with you if I do it anyway?”
I mean, really. . . how selfish would that be? And how would he answer? “No, I’m really not okay with that.” That answer may cause some uncomfortable moments. “Yeah, cool… go for it.” But I’d always wonder if he was just saying that because he wanted me to be happy. Typically, Carey’s a brutally honest person, but there’d always be this nagging voice in my head telling me I really hurt his feelings and he’s just too good a friend to say anything.

Edit 10/15/08
The real test was this: I decided after posting this entry that I would blog as if I were reapplying for weddingbee for a couple of weeks. That was 11 days ago, and I wrote exactly ONE entry – I had to really make myself write that one. So I know I made the right decision. . . I’ll blog because I want to and I’ll feel good about it because I’m not making money for anyone whose business practices appall me.

Second Guessing

“I’ll take that one. . . . no, no wait – that one. Maybe this one is better. What do you think?”

Lately, I’ve been second guessing every decision I’ve made in my wedding planning process. I told you about my wedding dress and how much I love, love, love it. For the past two weeks, I’ve been rethinking everything from the length of my wedding dress to the color palette. I’ve been driving myself crazy over whether the color & style of the bridesmaids dresses will look good on all three of them. I worried about the invitations, worrying about the seating charts, even wondering if we should have looked at more venues before deciding on one.

What about you? Are you as indecisive as I am?