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No – not really porn, you perv…  sorry to burst your bubble!

I finally got around to converting the massively large, high resolution images from our engagement photo shoot into manageable web-friendly sizes.  I’m not going to lie – I didn’t figure out how to do this myself – our photographer, Maureen, told me how to do it.  She even explained how “actions” and “automating” makes it super fast & easy in Photoshop.  Maybe one day I’ll write a tutorial on how to do it – if you’re curious, comment below.  If I get a few comments, I’ll be more likely to get around to it. 

And now, the main event – a few of my favorites among the 145 images we received from our engagement shoot:


Don’t laugh – this is a serious moment . . . (or as Ming-Ming would say, “This is sewious”)



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E Photos take 2

Since the weather didn’t exactly cooperate with us last time we met with our photographer for engagement photos, we met with her again on Wednesday. This time, we met in the morning and were able to get in a solid two hours of time with her. We met at St Catherine’s again to take a few more photos since we loved the way the stone church looked. Did I mention we arranged to meet at 8am? Yes sir, that’s mighty early. When you factor in our drive time (close to 2 hours), and it was a very long morning for us!

The second time around, both of us were more relaxed in front of the camera. I can’t tell you how happy I am that we decided to do a “take two” with Maureen. Not only was the weather beautiful, but we had so much fun! We jumped across creeks (okay, so it was more of a ditch) and climbed over barbed wire fences and up rocks. . . did I mention I was wearing a skirt? And yes, it was all in pursuit of a great photo which will be matted and used as a “guest book” at our reception.

Maureen told us at the end of the day that it would take a week or two for her to edit the photos and post them to an online gallery. . . I can’t wait!

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E Photos

Yesterday, Jakob and I had our engagement photo shoot with Maureen Sullivan of Sullivan Photography. We met in Lyons, and at out first location, an autumn storm moved in, raining us out. We were able to get a few shots in before driving to our second location. Luckily, the weather in Colorado is ever changing – rainstorms blow in quickly, and just as quickly out. Our second location was St Catherine’s church near Estes Park. It’s this great old stone church with Mt. Meeker in the background. For photos of the church, click here. I’m glad we decided to keep going, since at our third and final location (for the day) we got some great shots with the most incredible rainbow in the background.

Maureen is incredible – she’s so full of life and so much fun to be around. She made our engagement shoot a lot of fun, and had some great locations chosen. She even offered to finish the shoot next week since the weather wasn’t cooperating for much of it. Naturally, I took her up on her offer, so we have another meeting with her this Wednesday at 8 am. Since we have appointments at 11am and 1pm in Estes, we’re meeting Maureen at St. Catherine’s and will make a day of it. As soon as we have the photos back, I’ll share them with you!

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